Susan R Compton PhD

Research Scientist in Comparative Medicine; Director, Molecular, Serological and Virological Diagnostics

Departments & Organizations

Office of Student ResearchComparative MedicineMolecular Virology

Research Interests

Pathogenesis of rodent viral infections; Diagnostic Virology; Bacterial Expression Systems; Communicable Diseases; Disease Control; Disease Model; Eukaryotic Expression Systems; Gastrointestinal Infection; Host Organism Interaction; Immunization; Immunoassay; Infectious Diseases/Agents; Intestinal Mucosa; Laboratory Mouse; Laboratory Rat; Molecular Probes; Murine Hepatitis Virus; Norovirus; Parvovirus; Pathogenesis; Polymerase Chain Reaction; Rat Coronavirus; Receptor Binding; Respiratory Diseases; RT-RCR; Serology; Sialodacryoadenitis Virus; Site Directed Mutagenesis; Vaccine; Viral Studies; Virion; Virology; Virulence; Virus Infection Mechanism; Virus Protein; Virus Receptor; Western Blotting more...


  • B.S., Bucknell University, 1981
  • Ph.D., Uniformed Services University, 1988

Selected Publications

  • Macy J.D., F.X. Paturzo, S.R. Compton. 2013. Effect of Immunodeficiency on MPV Shedding and Transmission. J. Am Assoc. Lab. Anim. Sci. 52:467-474
  • Compton S.R., F.X. Paturzo, P.C. Smith, J.D. Macy. 2012. Transmission of Mouse Parvovirus by Fomites. J. Am Assoc. Lab. Anim. Sci, 51(6): 775-780.
  • Grove, K.A., P.C. Smith, C.J. Booth, S.R. Compton. 2012. Age-Associated Variability in Susceptibility of Swiss Webster Mice to MPV and Other Excluded Murine Pathogens. J. Am Assoc. Lab. Anim. Sci, 51(6): 789-796.



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